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[140908] SOWK Cast Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival As Filming Nears Completion

Not long after the cast of Wu Yifan’s acting debut, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’concludes filming in Prague, Czech Republic (where most of the film’s story takes place), the actors and actresses of the upcoming romantic film return to China to film the remaining scenes in Beijing. As the principal editing begins, Wu and the crew lets loose for a while to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Over the weekend, Director Xu Jinglei informs fans via Weibo about the upcoming film’s progress so far. As the actors and actresses film the remaining scenes written to set place in Beijing, the principal editing for the final output has also begun. Xu states that the current length is measured to be around 3 hours (still excluding the Beijing scenes). To break some ice, Xu also replied with humor to some fans who are very much enthusiastic about Wu’s acting debut – creating a fun-filled atmosphere by joking that there would be nothing much left if all romantic scenes are cut.

While the date of release fast approaches, the actors and actresses lean back a bit more compared to before. In celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, Wu Yifan updates his Weibo page with a photo of him wearing a denim jacket, and an exaggerated top hat seemingly made of vintage materials. The kicking fashionista inside Wu showed itself when he sported a pair of glasses, while his childish and playful nature took a part as well with an added squirrel sticker on his right shoulder. He added the ‘Peaceful and Happy Reunion @You’ caption – seemingly wanted to imply ‘meeting with everyone again.’ The post shot up in Weibo’s hottest posts in mere hours after upload, and the photo he posted can be see above - the first image. 

Hours after, around mid-noon, the Official Weibo Account of SOWK uploads a photo that contains a ‘comparative study’ of SOWK crew and their mooncake counterparts. Much to fans’ delights, the study describes Wu Yifan (who plays male lead Ze Yang) as a meat-filled mooncake (Which people perceive to be one of the strongest ones in terms of taste and catch among buyers. In addition to that, the meat mooncake is the so-calledPrince of Mooncakes due to its elegant appearance which can sweep anyone off their feet). The ‘study’ also includes Wang Likun who plays opposite to Wu as female lead, Zhang Chao, Re Yizha, Xu Jinglei, and the rest of head production members.

‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’is set to be released in cinemas on February 2015 – as a Valentines’ treat for everyone. The film tells of a young woman’s struggles after a death in the family and heartbreak, as she seeks refuge in the artistic and romantic city of Prague where she meets a young man.

Meanwhile, Wu Yifan is also confirmed for the movie ‘夏有乔木雅望天,’ where he will act alongside Han Geng and Joo Won as a pretty-faced, autistic young man who goes by the name of Xia Mu.

Written by: wingsofeternity
Sources: SOWK Official Weibo (@有一個地方只有我們知道 ); Wu Yi Fan’s Weibo (@Mr_凡先生); Xu Jinglei’s Weibo (@鸡毛蒜皮与鸡毛蒜皮) & @KrisKingdom1106 on Twitter.
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                                       Happy Chuseok